Why Your Organization’s Guidestar Profile Really, Really Matters

There are a number of reasons why your organization MUST keep its Guidestar profile compelling and fresh. For the nonprofits that have not yet created a Guidestar profile (and I know you are out there), THIS IS YOUR WAKEUP CALL! For those nonprofits that have spent minimal time maintaining their profile on Guidestar, it is time to take it seriously and invest in it.
Here’s one reason why:
If you are like me and stay current on the latest news in philanthropy, you have likely read the many reports on the growth of donor-advised funds, and in particular Fidelity Charitable — both in contributions to its donor advised funds and gifts made from the funds to thousands of charities. In 2013, gifts to donor-advised funds held by Fidelity Charitable grew by 12%, bringing the total to $3.7 billion in giving for the year. Assets held by Fidelity Charitable in 2013 totalled $54 billion. More amazing is that in the first nine months of 2014, gifts to these funds grew by a whopping 57%, with almost $2 billion given to charities so far this year. And the year-end giving season is about to begin!
What does this mean for my nonprofit? What does my organization’s Guidestar profile have to do with this you ask???

How does a super-strong year end sound?

Now, drop everything you’re doing and visit FidelityCharitable.org. You will notice on the homepage links in both the top right and lower left corners to search and research charities. Both of these links lead to Guidestar.org.

Because of the tremendous growth of assets in Fidelity Charitable donor-advised funds due to increasing contributions and a strong economy, owners of these funds will be looking for ways to grow their giving from them. For some this will mean researching new nonprofit organizations to support — particularly those nonprofits that are achieving desired results serving the causes that are near and dear to donors’ hearts.

Is your organization’s Guidestar profile compelling and up-to-date?

Will your year-end appeal contain an ask for donors and prospects to consider making a gift from their donor-advised fund?

Do you have a special way to acknowledge your donors from these funds?

Before Thanksgiving, make it a priority to take advantage of this outstanding opportunity for a strong finish to 2014. Create or update your Guidstar profile, and put your organization’s best foot forward. Right now, I can’t think of a better way to spend your time.FidelityCharitableGiving-Report-2014