About FundAbilityRules

FundAbilityRules was created in 2008 by nonprofit fundraising and marketing executive Kevin Feldman to provide needed services to nonprofits that are in start-up mode, experiencing a crisis, or in need of developing a comprehensive and sustainable base of revenue.

After serving for many years as a volunteer for organizations that serve children and adults with disabilities, Kevin left his job as a marketing manager with a “big three” automobile manufacturer to work as a Program Director for a large nonprofit in Detroit, Michigan. One of Kevin’s responsibilities in this position was to raise both government and corporate support. Soon realizing that this funding wasn’t enough to truly fulfill the program’s purpose, Kevin created a social enterprise that created a new and more sustainable funding stream, while employing and training inner-city youth to do needed work for local businesses. This was the beginning of Kevin Feldman’s love affair with nonprofit fundraising.

Since then, Kevin’s work has raised tens-of-millions of dollars for nonprofits local and small, to much larger international charities serving great causes. We hope that your nonprofit and its cause benefits from FundAbilityRules.com. Thank you for visiting!